Battery Backup Solutions

We understand the frustrations experienced by our clients with the current instability of the national grid and the frequent load shedding which is set to become a daily reality in South Africa. This page outlines some of our standard home and office battery backup solutions, which will ensure that you are protected from the consequences of ongoing power outages and provide you with backup power whenever you need it.

How does backup power work?
When grid power is available, the batteries will be charged via the inverter. In the event of a power failure, the inverter automatically switches over and supplies your home or small office with energy stored in the batteries. This switchover will occur within a matter of split seconds and does not require any human intervention. When the grid power becomes available, your batteries will again be charged, ready for the next power failure!

What size backup system do I need?
The size of the solution is dependent on what you require to be powered during an outage. We therefore differentiate between essential loads (lights, security systems, fridge, freezer, TVs, internet routers, etc.) and non-essential, power-heavy loads such as geysers, stoves, aircons, and pumps. Adding up all the essential loads that you require to function at the same time during a power failure will give you the peak power requirements. This total must be less than the power rating of your backup system.

The Powerstar Solution:
Powerstar offers battery backup solutions that can be customised according to your personal power requirements. Our solution is a solar-ready solution that allows for easy integration of solar power at a later stage. Other advantages of our battery backup systems:

  • Automatic (<10 milliseconds) switchover to battery power during a power outage
  • Intelligent control of energy flow between batteries, grid-power and solar power
  • Intelligent battery management system
  • Remote monitoring of your PV and battery system via desktop or Android app
  • Scalable systems – battery storage can be very easily added as you need it
  • Very quiet operation

Powerstar Backup Options
A few of our standard packages are shown below and exclude installation price. Please contact us for a quote.

Basic Packages:

Synapse 1kW kit

  • 1kW Synapse UPS
  • Battery box
  • 12v 100ah AGM Battery

System price: R10,962.28

Synapse 2.4kW

  • 2.4kW Inverter
  • SDY Materials
  • 12v 100ah AGM Battery

System price: R15,640.02

4.6kW Goodwe & Li-Ion

  • Goodwe 4.6kW ES Hybrid
  • Pylontech 2.4kWh US2000B
  • Battery Cabinet (x4)
  • SDY Materials

System price: R66,986.81

Solar Ready Packages:

3.6kW Hybrid

Goodwe 3.6kW Hybrid Inverter
Pylontech LV Li-Ion Storage
(2.4kWh – 9.6kWh)

4.6kW Hybrid

Goodwe 4.6kW Hybrid Inverter
Pylontech LV Li-Ion Storage
(2.4kWh – 9.6kWh)

10kW Hybrid

Goodwe 10kW Hybrid Inverter
Pylontech HV Li-Ion Storage
(9.6kWh – 240kWh)

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