Load Shedding

Load shedding is the hot topic on everyone’s lips with great concern. We have been experiencing recurring load shedding for years and Eskom is still struggling to keep up the demand whilst also doing maintenance and the construction of Medupi and Kusile. They stated that with their current plan we can expect to experience on and off loadshedding for the next two years at least. This makes it difficult to plan and keep your business running. We’re making it our mission to help our clients stay on top of the loadshedding. You can view the various loadshedding schedules below.

Part of our initiative to help you stay on top of the load shedding, we’re also offering some load shedding relief. You can opt for a generator, battery back-up, or even solar PV. Now is the perfect time to lower your reliance on Eskom.

Loadshedding schedules:

City of Cape Town

City Power (City of Johannesburg)


City of Tshwane

Nelson Mandela Bay

Sol Plaatje (Kimberley)




Find Loadshedding Solutions


Generators of different sizes to suit your usage.

Solar PV

Install grid-tied or off-grid systems to ensure that you're never in the dark.

Battery Back-up

Stay connected with batteries that will last you through loadshedding and charge when the power is back up again.

UPS System

A UPS system can ensure that your phone and internet stays connected during loadshedding.