Verify water consumption and allocate costs

Incorrect council billing

It is important to check that billing actually reflects consumption on site. There are many ways in which water billing can be incorrect, including:

a. Incorrect water meter assigned to your bill

b. Water meter calibrated incorrectly

c. Measurement/billing period incorrectly applied

d. Inaccurate set up on the water meter

e. Faulty water meter

By installing a smart measurement system you will be able to compare accurate, high-resolution data with the council billing on a continuous basis, thereby keeping your supply authority honest. The nature of the data often allows for exact pinpointing of the cause of the error, thereby helping council rectify the problem.

Allocate costs

By installing smart meters on distribution points we can allocate water consumption to specific areas. By measuring on a sub-meter level we can allocate water consumption and costs to specific business units or machines.

Clients often use this to determine more accurate costs for certain products, especially in processes that are water intensive.

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