Power Factor Survey &

A Power-Factor survey is essential to ensure the longevity of your existing Power-Factor correction system, especially as even a short period of ineffectiveness can result in massively increased charges.

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    Keeping demand costs in check by maintaining unity
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    Check health and performance of power factor unit
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    Prevent failure with annual PF maintenance
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    Free thermal survey on power factor unit

Keeping your
system healthy
at all times

Power factor issues may have a large effect on the maximum demand (kVA) portion of your bill. Maximum demand is measured as the maximum load during a prescribed period (typically 30 minutes). Power factor correction failure will cause the demand to jump immediately, which will have financial implications. It is therefore critical to keep the system working at all times

Need a quote on repairs?

If you have an existing system and need a quote on repairs, give us a call to arrange a site visit.