Technical Information

The Powerstar Power Messenger is a three phase data logger with a built in GSM modem. It measures all energy metrics (except harmonics) in 60 second intervals and sends the data through to our online portal that can be accessed through any web browser. This provides users with real-time energy data including a wide range of reports.

Every meter is sold along with a 24 month service agreement. This agreement covers all data costs, information storage costs, remote technical support, remote training, unlimited number of system users, and a 2 year manufacturers warranty on the Power Messenger.

Additional to the ability to measure electricity, the Power Messenger is also equipped with 2 Pulse inputs, as well as a Modbus connection. This allows us to measure water, gas, oil, fuel, etc. All that is required is a flow meter with a pulse output. We are then able to provide client with online consumption figures, on the same platform as your electricity.


  • Minimum 5 years expected data retention
  • Non-Volatile Flash Memory data storage
  • 21 day Memory buffer in case of network connection error
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Voltage Input Range 85V-260V Phase-to-Neutral
  • Current Input 0-6A
  • Data Interval – 60 Seconds

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