Exceptional Reporting

Our energy intelligence platform includes comprehensive power factor reporting pages that simplify your financial decision. Our reports vary from very technical analysis for engineer and technicians to translated financial data to assist in calculating return-on-investment.

Technical Analysis

Power factor data on a per-minute resolution can be accessed from the status page:

Figure 1. Per-minute power factor data available live on the website

The current power factor information is prominently displayed as part of the status block:

Figure 2. Status block showing live power factor information

The information can be used to inform decisions on site.

Financial Analysis

Many people are not really interested in the technical nature of power factor.  The only part that is of interest to these people is the fact that power factor inefficiencies may be costing them money. For these people we built a peak demand and power factor report that gives a summary of the power factor situation on site:

Figure 3. Graph showing a power factor that was fixed after 3 months

The data can be used to inform decisions on power factor correction equipment. The report takes in to account your tariff, your power factor data, your peak demand and your reactive energy use. It uses this data to determine an “opportunity cost” – the amount of money are spending each month on inefficient power factor.

Figure 4. Power factor report table showing opportunity costs

Using this data simplifies power factor significantly – compare installation costs (determined with a simple survey) with opportunity costs to calculate simple payback periods

Find out more about our real-time energy intelligence platform here.

some of our case studies

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