Tariffs and Billing

Electricity bills can be confusing, but understanding your electricity bill is a vital part of identifying where potential cost reductions might be.

Power-Star electricity reports present energy costs in an easily understood manner. Our database has an extensive range of tariffs loaded onto it, which are translated using energy measurements, into meaningful cost reports.

These include hourly or daily cost breakdowns reports, which graphically display the various tariff cost components, making it easy to identify where the high-cost elements are. Daily, weekly and monthly executive summaries are also available, providing vital insight into electricity costs in a timeous manner.

Bill verification reports enable an electricity bill to be easily and quickly verified against the measured energy use, highlighting areas where there is variance against what has been charged for. The bill verification report provides for a high degree of confidence that the electricity bill is correct when authorising payment.

The cost allocation report provides the actual electricity cost for a tenant or user that contributes towards the overall site electricity bill, in a clear and transparent manner. This provides for accurate billing of tenants or users with full cost recovery.

Additional energy cost reports include tariff comparison reports, where the most cost-effective tariff for the site is identified. Peak demand and time of use reports provide important cost information for these specific tariffs. If you need help with identifying if you’re on the most optimal tariff for your site, or help with a bill verification and billing dispute, contact us today at +27 87 820 1694.

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