Web-Enable your existing meter

Why measure water?

One of the main differences in usage patterns between electricity and water is that when something goes wrong with equipment using electricity, they tend to use less energy. When something goes wrong with water-consuming devices they often use much more water than usual, typically due to leaks.

If your only form of measurement is council billing you will only notice increases in month intervals, which may be too late to avoid excessive charges. In addition, this low-resolution data makes pinpointing the cause of the issue much harder.

By converting your meter into a web-enabled smart meter you have access to the data you need to eliminate these causes of wastage quickly and efficiently. Be informed of water usage outside of the norm and act on insights from the data.

The data feed can be used to track water usage during periods when no water should be used. This would indicate the presence of leaks. Read our Spier Hotel case study to see the savings possible through this simple intervention

How do you web-enable existing water meters?

Technology is forever changing and with water measurement the newer type water meters have a pulse counter or rather a pulse output signal that we are able to pick up and connect to our smart meter.

By using the Power-Star smart meter, we are able to read the pulse signal from the water meter and display this in real time on a live web platform. The live platform allows you to monitor consumption and do bill verification against the supply authority.

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