Supply, Install & Repair

Powerstar provides a full-service offering including all aspects of power factor correction. Talk to us to find out more about what you need to reduce your demand (electric kVA) charges.

Design and Supply

Using detailed measurement information we design and specify high-quality components for complete power factor solutions. Careful consideration of peak demand and power factor readings ensures optimum correction levels. Our aim is to get your power factor as close to unity as possible.

We can specify the correct components to reduce reactive energy caused by lagging power factors.


Our highly qualified and experienced technicians install new power factor correction systems to exacting standards. This ensures a long lifetime of the system.

Surveys and Repairs

Power factor correction units require regular maintenance and may run inefficiently if neglected. Using state-of-the-art equipment our technicians run a comprehensive system of tests on your existing power factor correction system. These tests help determine the cause of underperforming systems.

When the cause is identified, appropriate remedial action is taken to bring the system back up to standard and ensure that the faults do not happen again.

Learn more about power factor correction or how electricity billing works, or CONTACT US to talk to an expert.

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