Portable Data Recorder.

The PowerTrack instrument is a portable energy recorder designed to provide detailed information of a specific electrical feed. Extensive communications capabilities (local & remote) enable fast and accurate information retrieval and the software provides a graphical interface for quick and easy analysis of recorded data.

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The Power of Knowing.


Power-Star offers energy-intelligence products and services that effectively measure and manage energy efficiency. The insightful understanding and application of this knowledge improves operations and increases profitability while reducing impact on the environment.

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    Specific energy profiles per suite and time period
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    Conduct Power Factor Surveys
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    Establish required generator sizing
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    Identify and Analyse trends

About the
Data Recorder.

Power-Star has supplied and serviced many industries within South Africa, across the continent, in the Middle East and beyond. The markets in which we have notable experience and recorded significant success include:

Become energy intelligent.

From developing the world’s first real-time energy data capture and relay technology in 2008, Power-Star has fast grown into a respected energy intelligence company, now operating throughout South Africa and abroad.