The evolution of Augos

In our previous post, we introduced you to Augos and told you a little bit about why we are taking this next step on our journey with you.

But we’d also like to tell you a bit more about how it all came about. 

Augos is the evolution of Powerstar that incorporates the operational wisdom of Quantapower and the technological innovation of Automatech – our other business divisions – in a single platform that will take your data insights to the next level. Augos may be new and unique, but it is the culmination of 15 years of experience in looking, listening, and learning. 


In the manufacturing sector, Quantapower is able to seamlessly integrate into our clients’ operational systems to deliver real-time operational metrics and direct attention to inefficiencies and opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed. By receiving these insights, our clients – ranging from automotive to food production – have seen their productivity, efficiency, and even employee conduct improve. One thing has become clear: real-time operational data leads all other metrics and analyses. 


Through Automatech, we provide an extensive selection of sensors and monitoring devices designed to measure, track and control a wide range of metrics and processes. Our expertise extends beyond standard offerings, as we develop bespoke hardware and software. By manufacturing tailored solutions, we effectively address industry-specific challenges and generate accurate and valuable data, transforming operational practices across various sectors. 


Powerstar offers energy-intelligence products and services that help businesses to measure, understand and optimise their energy usage. We have championed the ability to make data-driven decisions, and are now ready to harness this capability in exciting new ways. 

Enter Augos 

Augos is a confluence of all these insights and capabilities. With this new platform, you will be able to harness innovative monitoring systems, gain more holistic perspectives, and deliver swifter and smarter responses. 

We have come to realise that combining previously discrete data sets (such as energy and production metrics) creates a new dimension of operational intelligence. We will be able to solve problems you didn’t know you had! 

In the coming weeks, we will unpack the potential of this new platform to improve key business outcomes in every process and at every level of your business, from efficiency and quality to risk mitigation and environmental monitoring and control. 

Stay tuned!

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