Battery Backup Installed

A customer was referred to us by one of our current customers, looking for some backup options for his home. He wanted only a few lights and plugs for the TV, wifi router etc. 

We met with the customer about the option of a backup only system or looking at a “Solar Ready” system. Being a City of Cape Town end-user, the type of inverter used for a Solar Ready system is critical as the inverter must be on the approved list of inverters in order to have the system commissioned. 

If we supplied an inverter that was not on the list of approved inverters, it would have reduced the upfront costs slightly but would, in reality, worked as a UPS. 

We discussed the advantages of having a Solar & Back up system with the customer and they decided that the Solar ready option is the best option going forward. We proceeded to supply and fit a Goodwe 4.6kW Hybrid inverter with a lithium-ion battery system for their home. 

So far the system is working extremely well and has successfully managed through a few load shedding periods with the emergency load connected to the system. 

We have put forward a design to add the Solar PV as well as an additional battery to increase the number of loads on to the backup and to cycle in the evenings once the system is live. Thus getting more benefit out of the combined system regardless of load shedding or not. 

We will be starting the planning for the solar installation towards the end of April.

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