National cold storage chain reach overall savings of 17,9%

Energy management of Cold Storage Faciltiy

Power-Star energy metering systems have been installed in the facilities of one of the largest Southern African Cold Storage companies. In total there are 25 measuring points across 7 facilities, with a total demand of 6.5 MVA.

Energy costs make up a significant portion of the overall operational costs for a cold storage facility and the companies management understand the importance of being on top of their energy consumption. Power-Star meters provide comprehensive cost reports for each site, efficiently handling the complexities of different applicable electricity tariffs at each site.

Having a breakdown of energy costs, as well as significant energy users at each site, allows for priority areas to be established in terms of opportunities for energy savings, that provide the most effective financial return. Starting with Power-Star electricity bill verification and tariff comparisons reports, significant cost savings opportunities were identified and implemented.

Where there are applicable demand charges for a site, significant demand cost saving opportunities were identified by the Power-Star Peak Demand Report, and Power Factor Correction (PFC) equipment was sized from the report to resolve the demand issues. The Demand Report provides a continual assessment of PFC equipment and allows for the timeous interventions where demand issues are identified.

The Power-Star real-time and online energy platform dashboard displays current energy consumption metrics and trends, allowing for the company’s technical team to react to changes in consumption that are not in line with operational requirements. Effective operation of compressors has made significant savings, as they were able to identify when compressors were running unnecessarily.

Savings of 17.9% have been achieved during 2017 on overall energy consumption from this process, compared to 2016.

By using the Daily, Weekly and Monthly Energy Executive Summary Reports, energy use and costs can be regularly monitored, allowing for important feedback to operational staff. Awareness of energy consumption has lead to behavioral changes which have contributed to the overall saving realised.

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