COVID-19: A Business Survival Solution

How do we adapt to a new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic? This is the question posed by most as we’re struggling through an era no one was prepared for or know. Here at Powerstar we also had to adapt and come up with new strategies and a “new normal” to survive. We had plenty of customers contact us for assistance to help keep their doors open. Through our talks with our customers (you), we noticed that there is an extreme need for businesses to stay open during this crisis, as being forced for even a week to close can sink a company in these trying times. Therefore, we launched a new collaborative project that can aid your business through this time. 

We decided that we need to come up with a solution that can help our customers to stay open and keep their employees safe at the same time. We collaborated with Quantapower and Automatech to bring you our new solution, Active Contact Tracing. All three businesses share a strong history in telemetry and critical operational data so coming together to create Active Contact Tracing was an easy decision and felt natural. 

What is Active Contact Tracing? 

This new product is a small, wearable device that each employee wears. The device will then track your employee’s movement within a specified proximity zone i.e. their place of work. It is then possible to track and view the data of your employees’ movement and compliance with social distancing measures. The idea is that if and when you have a positive COVID-19 case at your business, you can check the data to see which of your employees came in contact with the positive person and which of your employees are high risk due to non-compliance of your social distancing measures. This will enable you to keep your doors open and only isolate the employees that came in contact with the positive person. 

How Does it Work? 

It is a small device that runs on battery power that can last for longer than a year. It makes use of wireless communication and data transfer and stores the data on the device itself too. It works with LED lights as indicators of the device’s status. The distance to be measured between employees can also be adjusted. The device can also be set up at hygiene stations to track and measure the compliance of employees with your hygiene obligations. 

All the data from the device is available on an online platform we designed with an easy to use dashboard that’s available on any device with an internet connection. On the dashboard, you will have a direct overview of all your employees and visitors. You are also able to keep track of interactions within the distancing protocols as well as identify high-risk employees and isolate all the non-compliant individuals. 

The setup of the device is extremely simple and we’re with you every step of the way. Active Contact Tracing is here to help you actively manage your employees as needed during these times. With Active Contact Tracing, you are able to make informed decisions to keep your employees and operations safe. 

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