How to Eliminate Waste with an Energy Leak Tag

At Powerstar we recently started incorporating the use of “Energy Leak Tags”. These are bright orange durable tags that can be put up to point out a leak or energy wastage to alert the correct person to fix the issue. 

When we start an energy management program, one of the first things we do is to do an energy walkaround focussed on wastage. With these tags, we can then label obvious problem areas. The aim of the tags is to point out energy waste or inefficiencies and the tag is to be left until the problem is resolved. 

The tags can easily be spotted and should draw the attention of the correct person to fix the issue. Energy leaks or wastage can be caused by a wide range of problems. These can include anything from an aircon running unnecessarily to more technical issues such as an air leak in a compressor. 

The use of bright energy leak tags is a simple yet effective intervention in energy saving. Our energy management projects have always been very successful and with the use of the tags, there is personal involvement from the client in their own energy saving. We have found that when there is personal involvement, it’s easier to save. If you’re interested in arranging some energy leak tags or an energy management project, feel free to contact us today at +27 21 975 4529 or email our energy specialist directly at  

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