Improved Visibility with Energy Heatmaps

As we delve a little deeper into the capabilities that Augos has to offer, there are certain functionalities and features that have struck a chord with our early adopters. One of these is our new Heatmapping feature.

Here’s what it looks like, and how it helps: 

Time-of-Use Consumption & Cost Heatmaps
Time of Use report

This is our seven-day, hourly interval Heatmap, showing average consumption or cost per hour. Dark red shows highest values; dark green shows the lowest. This data visualisation allows you to see weekly trends, but more importantly, gives you the ability to quickly and intuitively identify times of maximum (and minimum) usage.

Utilities DashboardDashboard heat map

Using actual values rather than averages, you will be able to gain a granular understanding of how short-term and real-time usage affects longer-term consumption and costs. This feature is also applicable to Demand and Power Factor – at the touch of a button. It is also applicable to other metrics like water, gas and fuel.

We hope this quick overview of Augos’s Heatmapping features gives you more of an idea of the power, innovation and value of our new platform. 

There’s lots more where this came from – which we are looking forward to telling you about it.

Watch this space!

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