Increase network capacity and reduce access charges at Dynamic Plastics

When moving to their new premises, Dynamic Plastics decided to install power factor correction based on initial measurement data gathered with the Power-Star energy intelligence platform. The data showed several things:

  1. The power factor on site was low
  2. The network capacity was less than expected
  3. The new billing system used Network Access Charges as part of the tariff

By installing power factor correction they would get the power factor as close to unity as possible. This would allow for extra network capacity to install more machines. At the same time, the Network Access Charge could be minimised.

The following chart from our energy intelligence platform shows the changes the power factor correction had on the system:

Figure 1. Screen capture from our Energy Intelligence platform showing the power factor report

Note the following changes:

  1. The green bars indicate the power factor – it improved from an average of 0.82 to an average of 0.98
  2. The peak demand dropped from 720 kVA to 615 kVA
  3. In September additional machines were installed which increased the power (kW) but did not reduce the power factor significantly
  4. This means that due to the power factor correction an additional 100 kVA of equipment could be installed without increasing the Network Access Charge

The direct savings from the system are approximately R12 000 per month (difficult to determine exactly due to the changing nature of the site) and the project only cost R170 000 for a turn-key solution. this equates to a 15-month payback for the direct savings. The additional capacity is a welcome added bonus.


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