Industry Leading Software: Accurate, Transparent, Reliable Solar PV Assessments

At Power-Star, we noticed that there is a lack of accurate solar PV assessments in the industry. This is due to the lack of sufficient data and effective software. The result of this is inconsistent assessments where all the proposals you receive differ – You not knowing which one to trust. We invested in the solar industry’s leading software assessment tools to be able to integrate your Power-Star data with it to give you the best possible proposal. 

Accurate Solar Design

When designing a proposed 3D mockup of your solar PV system, we use a leading programme that is fully integrated with everything needed to assess your site, off-site. With this web-based software, one can easily get a layout of the location, specify a PV module, and choose an inverter model. The software will also perform a shading analysis. 

The software runs several simulations and generates an accurate yield assessment of your solar PV system. 

Transparent Bankability

Power-Star has also partnered with industry-leading financial modelling software that is used to accurately, objectively, and transparently analyse solar projects. It calculates the math precisely of energy savings, as well as avoided costs and gives advanced energy storage and battery optimisation. 

The software is a helpful tool for commercial finance modelling. It integrates your interval data to easily evaluate your proposed solar PV system. It is outstanding at analysing energy projects.

The finance modelling includes not only the predicted utility bills but also the potential savings of each financing option, as well as how long each will take to pay off and the calculated return on investment. It gives you an accurate view of what each financing option will cost you with a benefit analysis. This software gives us, and you, an optimal solar PV proposal along with an accurate financial forecast. 

The seamless integration of these two software tools ensures that we are providing our clients with an independent solar PV assessment that sets us apart from other companies. 

If this sounds like something you are interested in, you can contact our Solar Solutions Engineer, Brendon Malan, either by calling +27 21 975 4529 or emailing him at Alternatively, you can fill in this form

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