Can I get an Accurate Solar Assessment Without Interval Data?

Are you considering getting a solar PV assessment or do you already have one where your utility bills have been used? Without interval data, it is near impossible to have an accurate solar PV assessment. 

Are 12 Months’ Bills Enough?

Interval data can be described as electricity meter data taken at specified times or intervals over a set period. The data can be given in different predetermined intervals, such as hourly, 30-minute, or even 15-minute intervals. Interval meter data provides an almost real-time view of electricity usage at any time of the year, as it gives more than 30,000 data points over a year compared to the industry standard of only 12 coming from the utility bills. 

Interval data gives us the ability to accurately calculate your future electricity bills, your return on investment, as well as the optimal system sizing. 

Interval Data + State of the Art Software = Accurate Solar PV Proposals

We take the live data we have of you over the period of a year and import it into the solar proposal software we use. This supplies us with a year’s worth of 15 min interval data with more than 30,000 data points needed to provide you with an as accurate as possible solar assessment. The software then takes the data and calculates precise utility bills, as well as simulate kW demand reductions after the solar PV is installed. With the interval data, the software is also able to optimise your solar PV system to maximise the potential benefit for you. 

The Power-Star Advantage

We have the advantage of having in-depth data and information on our clients’ electricity consumption. At Power-Star, we take advantage of our clients’ extensive data to provide them with highly accurate solar assessments. 

During the design stage, interval data enables us to accurately determine when and how much of the generated solar power is being consumed directly on-site or being fed back into the grid. This allows us to optimise your system to ensure that you are getting the best value for money. We also use our extensive tariff knowledge along with the interval data to accurately calculate your future electricity bills. The interval data allows for a more detailed level of analysis. This sets us apart. 

How Does Interval Data Affect my Return on Investment? 

The more accurate your assessment, the better. It’s as simple as that. If you have a solar PV assessment where the system is not optimised towards your energy consumption throughout the day, how will you know when your energy demand is at its highest and if that corresponds with the time of day when your solar PV system will be generating the most electricity? Interval data also ensures that your future electricity bill is calculated accurately according to your tariff. This gives you a clear view of where and how much money you will save. It helps to paint your future as accurately and honestly as possible. 

What if I am not an Existing Client? 

Our solar assessments and projects are not exclusively available to our existing clients. We can help you even if you’re not an existing client. When you contact us, our experts, together with you, will work out the best way to go forward to provide you with an accurate assessment. 

What is my Next Step? 

If you have decided that solar is the way forward for your commercial property, contacting us should be your next step. Together we can give you freedom from high electricity bills. To get the ball rolling, contact us today or click here to get started. 

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