Power factor correction – before and after

Power factor is a great area where you can potentially save on your electricity costs. These before and after pictures will show the immediate results after the power factor correction unit has been installed. We also repair existing power factor units as well as handle surveys and maintenance on existing systems.

The picture below clearly illustrates the difference between a bad and good power factor. Notice the difference between the demand and power before power factor correction was installed:

The gap between the demand and power is the opportunity that is fixed with power factor correction. In the following picture, note the reduction in demand:

Certain tariffs include a demand charge. These charges are increased by bad power factor because your business is pulling more load from the national grid. This can become quite expensive if not kept in check. After viewing measurement data we are able to give exact sizing of a unit needed and calculating the potential saving. The effects of the unit is easily visible on the sites energy profile after installation.

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