Power-Star measures world heritage site

Table mountain is one of the top six tourist attractions around Cape Town. The mountain is truly iconic and is known worldwide. The cable car trip that travels up and down the mountain should at least be done once in one’s life time. The mountain is a world-renowned heritage site with lots of indigenous vegetation. Preserving the surrounding area for future generations is a big concern for the Cableway Company.

It is this concern that lead them to install our online meters to measure and record their energy usage and where they are wasting energy. The recorded information will be used to set up an energy usage profile over time, which will be an important reference for future projects. Since the Cableway makes use of big motors, they wanted to make sure that their power factor is on par, as to not incur unnecessary costs.

The benefits of these implementations are manifold. Tax advantages, improvement of existing infrastructure, sustainability and a generally positive response from the public, will go a long way in securing a bright future for the Cableway.

Power-Star measures world heritage site and is proud to be part of the future of this popular destination.



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