Sanlam Investments Energy Management Project Underway

In 2012, Sanlam approached us to conduct energy management at their head offices in Bellville. With our help, they achieved a 30% saving on their electricity consumption through basic, low-cost interventions. Since then we have installed metering systems in their commercial buildings throughout South Africa. This year they approached us again for a comprehensive energy measurement quote at their Tygervalley offices. We received project approval by the end of September and completed the installation of our meters in the first week of October. 

After the site inspection of their building, and reconciling their consumption with their municipal bill, we found that this project required us to install 10 new energy meters. Three meters to be installed on their transformers and seven sub-meters to be installed in different areas of the building, including the chillers for their HVAC system. Directly after the installation, they received training on the online system and all the features we offer. 

The idea they had was to measure the different departments in the building to create awareness of energy consumption in each department. Through this, they aim to instil it as a low cost and effort intervention to reduce energy consumption, as well as to identify waste so they can eliminate it. By being aware of your department’s energy consumption, you’ll automatically be aware of your energy consumption and start switching things off. 

When approaching us for a quote for a comprehensive energy measurement and management system, we start out by doing a site inspection. We inspect the number of incomers you have and this together with your specifications determine the number of meters needed for your site. After the installation of the meters, we provide our new customers with the training of our online system and all its various features. 

Our online platform not only provides you with a live view of your electricity consumption but you can also create various reports, such as consumption and utilisation reports. You are also able to do your own bill verification to see if you are being charged correctly by the municipality. It is possible to view the cost allocation of different departments and measure the ratios between them. You are also able to create reports on your peak demand profile, daily summaries, power factor, and cost breakdowns. 

Managing your energy consumption is not a difficult task. With our help, you can do it effortlessly and seamlessly. We have extensive knowledge of all things energy – from tariff structures to power factor. Contact us today to find out how we can help you. 

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