Vineyard Hotel Bill Dispute

Power-Star meters have been installed and in use at the Vineyard Hotel for over four years. As the hotel has a clear vision for energy efficiency and strives to be environmentally conscious (of which more can be read here), accurate utility measurement allows the Vineyard Hotel to monitor not only their consumption but ways in which they are constantly able to improve. The hotel compares monthly utility bills with Power-Star data in order to make sure all data is as accurate as possible for reporting and energy management purposes.

Initially, the council billing matched very well with Power-Star data. However, in April 2012 the Vineyard Hotel noticed that there was a significant change in the council demand (kVA) readings that was not reflected in the Power-Star readings. The council investigated their own meter – and after subsequent correction, the readings again matched with those of Power-Star.

Says Chris van Zyl, the Group Environmental Manager and Horticulturist at the Vineyard Hotel, “The accurate reporting of Power-Star allowed us to keep the council readings in check – something we would not have been able to compare otherwise. When the Power-Star reporting system alerted us to inaccuracies in the Council’s reporting and several incorrect council bills – we were able to reverse the unnecessary charges with the help of Power-Star, the Council engineers and the available meter data Power-Star provided.”

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