Water Leak Detected Thanks to Measurement At Power Construction

At the beginning of 2020, Power Construction installed our electricity and water meters at their site in Cape Town. After installation, we immediately noticed a constant unexplained water consumption – even after hours and weekends when no one is on-site and no water should be flowing. 

We investigated the unexplained water consumption and the only conclusion was that there is a leak somewhere. Power Construction hired a leak detection company and found a leak. The leak was fixed and the consumption of water immediately dropped and the constant consumption disappeared.

As can be seen in the graph above, there was a constant water flow – even after hours. After they had the leak fixed in early March, it is clear that the water consumption dropped dramatically. 

Power Construction had no idea that they had a water leak. They have just been paying their bills without questioning it. Had it not been for our meters, they would not have detected the leak when they did. When the leak was fixed, they saw an instant return on investment. 

Water leaks happen and often there is no way of knowing due to the location of the leak. Measuring your water is definitely a good way of detecting when something peculiar happens to your water consumption. If you’re looking to measure your water consumption and create a dashboard for your usage, contact us sales@power-star.co.za or +27 21 975 4529. 

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