Going Solar? We’re Ready to Help

Installing a solar PV system is a great investment for your business. It helps to save you significant costs on electricity, giving large returns. 

There are various factors to consider when going solar. We take the stress off your shoulders by evaluating your site’s solar readiness and give you an accurate as possible calculation of your return on investment. We also assess your tariff to see if the tariff you are on, together with your consumption, is the best tariff to be on when having a solar PV system, suggesting a tariff migration if needed. 

Something that is extremely valuable when assessing your site for solar is your Power-Star interval data. With the Power-Star data we have, we are able to see everything there is to know about your electricity. This includes your peak demand, your average consumption, your load profile, and with our tariff knowledge, we can even calculate the most optimal tariff for you. 

We also invested in the ability to give you the most accurate solar assessment. We only use industry-leading software to design your solar PV system as well as do financial modelling. The software we use fully integrates your Power-Star interval data to optimise system sizing. It allows us to provide you with a detailed set of numbers calculated against your interval data to fully understand your consumption profile, energy costs, and operating cycles. 

Going solar has never made as much sense as right now. The technology has become increasingly more affordable, while the price of electricity has risen significantly and keep doing so. There is also the added benefit today of having various financial incentives to go solar. These include all your major banks now offering special loans for solar PV projects, as well as the amendment to Section 12B of the Income Tax Act, changing the accelerated depreciation of a solar PV system from a three-year depreciation to a 100% depreciation in one year. This means that you can claim 28% of the total cost of your solar PV system back in the first year. 

Going solar and saving money has never been this easy, and with the right people behind you, it is a stress-free journey towards saving money. Considering going solar? Get into contact with us today. You can email Brendon Malan, our solar solutions engineer at brendon@power-star.co.za or fill in this form

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